6.0 Powermax Turbo Garrett



Garrett Powermax Turbo for 03-07  6.0L Powerstroke

63.5 x 88mm Compressor wheel 6/6 blade

72.5 x 66mm Turbine wheel 10 blade

.58 A/R Compressor housing

.90 A/R Turbine housing

Drop in replacement upgrade.   Requires new bolt and O ring kit for installation.

Trucks built prior to 09/29/03 Require an 03 Style turbo (777469-5002S)

Trucks built after 09/29/03 Require an 04-07 Style (772441-5002S)

Engine: 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Excursion & F-Series
Model Years: 2003, 2004-2006
Stage 1: 777469-5001s (2003), 772441-5001s (2004-2006)
Larger compressor wheel over stock increases maximum power range while keeping turbo speeds down for the same power output, supports up to an additional 175 HP over stock
Kit Includes: GT3788VA, Installation instructions

AVNT™ Technology

Garrett's patented Advanced Variable Nozzle Turbine (AVNT) design increases compressor and turbine flow. Utilizing nine moveable vanes which significantly increase turbine efficiency and improve engine performance from launch through peak torque. All AVNT turbochargers include the patented integral electrohydraulic actuator and the proportional solenoid for infinite variable control through the engine power curve.