Barder Turbo Service is a small business located in central Pennsylvania that specializes in complete repair and high performance modifications  to turbochargers, mainly focused in the diesel industry.  Stock replacements to custom built 2.6 and 3.0 sled pulling chargers.

Business was established in 2012, but have been modding and rebuilding turbos since 2006, that is owned and operated by James Barder. 

We focus on the following:

Stock replacement and upgraded turbos for all diesel pickups

Stock replacement / upgraded turbos for most Detroit, Caterpillar, and Cummins engines in Semi Trucks

2.6" Diesel Class Legal Sled Pulling Turbos

3.0" Diesel Class Legal Sled Pulling Turbos

Balancing Service for all makes and models of turbochargers. $70 per rotating assembly balance.

Please click the contact us link to send an e-mail or call for any of your needs that you may not see here on our website.  

-- James